University Governance Structure


The University is a comprehensive and highly diverse community. Its many operating units function independently in fulfilling their respective roles and responsibilities and collectively toward achieving the goals and missions of the University.

Personal data privacy matters will also have to be addressed within this context, following a distributed but yet collaborative approach.

At the University level, it is necessary to provide common purpose and values, and to establish common ground work and address matters requiring co-ordination. At the execution level, on the other hand, it is necessary to rely on the vigilance and observance of each and every unit that deals with personal data (as it will not be possible for any central units to be aware of every such aspect at the unit level). There will have to be collaboration between the two levels.

A formal governance structure has been adopted by the University to provide the necessary common focus and policies, and to establish a framework for co-ordination in personal data privacy matters. The governance structure includes:

–    Data Privacy Officer

–    Data Privacy Advisory Committee,

–    Central Data Users (also known as Central Data Custodians),

–    Other Data Users, and

–    Agents of the University